Friday, July 12, 2013

XXXXVII There and Back Again

Just back from the Opening's artist residency at St Mary's on the Lake, Lake George NY.  A great time, got quite a bit of carving done, and got a bit of swimming and kayaking in as well. With the number of other distractions in an average day, there is something very amazing about being able to focus on your work as much as you want for a solid couple days, as well as being able to share your space with so many talented (and entertaining) artists.

The second piece I started while in Lake George from a small off cut of  'Log ' a giant walnut tree air dried for 30 years from which a friend did a life sized figure. 

St Mary on the Lake, Lake George, NY, and numerous trees which would fulfill my tree requirement for the day.

But having made it back, I have no chance of avoiding my vice of tree stump obsessing.

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