Sunday, July 14, 2013

XLIX and a turkey in progress

Funny things roman numerals. 

This weekend I put some time into the third carving for my series at Teaneck Creek. I've been making my life easy and working on the piece in my studio from part of the oak tree that took you my van during Sandy. When its 90% or so finished I'm planning to bring it down to the Creek and do the final work there (as well as finish the wolf, and mount the turtle, which I have yet to do).  I'm trying something a little more technically tricky for this one. You can see on the ground behind it what will be the tail, created in a separate section of the same log. I am not looking forward to transporting this over rough terrain. I'm not looking forward to just getting it in the car... But I'm hoping working in oak this will prove a durable piece compared to the others in poplar, I'm trying to as much as possible work only with the heart wood.

the tree trunk of the day...

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