Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Nesting Dolls

My first big Christmas gift project unveiled. I had this blank nesting doll set sitting in my studio for at least 15 years and finally painted them with sea creatures for my niece. One of those things that gets a little out of hand as the paint job becomes more and more elaborate. I had fun with it though, there's something kind of fascinating about mapping a creature onto the doll surface.

The octopus is my favorite.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Chair Progress

Though I should be working on Christmas presents I did a little roughing on the trunk chair, both to make use of it while I have my brother's electric Stihl, and to get it light enough that I can walk it to a more convenient part of the driveway. Did some shaping of the seat hollow with the lancelot and a bit of additional hollowing on the underside with the saw. I think  with another day I'll both be mostly done with the need for a heavy duty medium sized saw and it will be relatively easy to walk. As of today it was light enough I could tip it over and (just barely) get it back upright.