Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Promo video is up for my piece that will be in the upcoming show Frenzy into Folly, opening Thu, Sept 20th 2012. I better finish the piece by then...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Miracle

I had heard the claim that you could get figs to ripen early by smearing the mouths with olive oil. I once tried it with uncertain results, and so kind of classed it as a superstition. Growing figs in Northern NJ is kind of a crap shoot. I got maybe two from old wood so far and look anxiously at the new wood ones wondering if they will ripen before the first frost.. This Saturday I figured what the heck and smeared a dozen or two of the largest ones. I really can't believe that three days later they're not fully ripe, but pretty bloody close... I'm converted. 


Anonymous Japanese Author?, ink on paper, 2004
Another random old drawing come across cleaning the studio. From back when I played around with a brush painting style, I'm 90 percent certain that this is a study for a planned but never executed series depicting the suicides of famous Japanese authors, as I was reading a lot of them at the time.  I can figure out who it is however. 2004 was not such a good year for me. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Teatime, ink on paper, 2006

Typically I have already failed on day 2 of the resolution to post an old piece a day this week. Well, better to try and fail than not to try. Here's another oldie but goodie, a bit of shameless whimsicality, albeit with perspective that looks a bit off.  The figure is actually a bit of a caricature from memory of a very sweet British woman I knew, not to the best of my knowledge prone to drinking gin at teatime...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

All by Myself

My wife has gone off to Pennsic, so I'm catching up with tasks in the (now infrequently used) painting studio. Looking through a stack of old pieces, I decided I'd try and post an old drawing a day for this week, remind myself that once upon a time I actually found time to draw. This is an old one but a favorite. I always think I'll frame it for myself one day if I only find someplace to hang it.

Two Men with Politics Between Them, pencil 2001

Turtle Day 3

Got back to the creek today and think that the turtle is now more or less finished.  I did a good bit of refining on the face and body and deepening all the undercut portions as well as adding the pattern on the shell. I may go in and tweak a few things at some point, but its close enough that next time I'll start on carving number two. Votes on whether that should be the turkey or the wolf?