Sunday, September 25, 2011

Carving Mary: Day 8


Continuing to make progress refining the hands and face, as well as bringing the gap in the front of the robe deeper, to me its starting to look like a piece of sculpture, rather than a piece of sculpture in progress.I'm not sure how detailed I'm going to make the hands, I don't want make individual fingers that are likely to break off too easily, but they still look a bit lumpish, as well as being a bit too big.

A view from below highlights the changes to the hands and robe beneath them. The face is pretty refined, but facial details will evolve as I finish up the piece, hopefully only a couple more days to go, I may have this done before snowfall yet.

Carving Mary Day 7

After a long hiatus I was back this weekend working on my life size Mary outside St Anastasia's church in Teaneck NJ. Day 7 was spent mostly on refining some facial details and beginning to carve the hands. Note how the un-worked sections had weathered to a gray color, which is what I'm thinking about doing with the final piece.  I'm getting far enough along that I'm going to have to confront some decisions about how detailed I want the piece to be, I'm hoping to keep it somewhat stylized, while keeping the features graceful. Saturday I was carving with the church picnic in progress, thanks to all the ladies at the Caribbean food tent that kept me from starving.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rumble Above the Clouds is Up

After four hours of solid work last night the art exhibit Rumble Above the Clouds is now up at St Paul the Apostle Columbus Ave. and W. 60th NY, NY. Thanks to curators Robert Aitchison and Joey Kilrain and to Frank Sabatte for all their hard work. Check out the exhibit, and be sure to make the opening Thursday Sept 29th 7pm.

Below: My piece, Predator Overhead, 2011, Cherry installed:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Is Larceny the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

This grassy spot at Teaneck Creek Conservancy in notable primarily for the absence of two large wood carvings I had done for the Conservancy last year.  Until recently they were installed here. Now they're not. Given that they were each probably ~75lbs and the spot is not directly accessible by car, their sudden disappearance suggests a level of determination I choose to take as a compliment...