Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LIX, an interlude on Martha's Vineyard

In spit of a very personable guide, a guided tour of Martha's Vineyard has convinced me there is nothing worthy of a day trip on Martha's Vineyard.

The most noteworthy object I found to be the  bark shingles on the future native American information center, which the guide says they have been building for 3 years.  Even I could build a maybe 10x10 building faster than that, but I have never seen anything like these shingles. I was there sniffing them like a loon to figure out if they're preserved, as bark like that isn't super durable in my experience. I always thought bark houses were built out of birch bark, though brief search suggests elm was used, and these could be elm, though have guessed oak unassisted.  They did smell a little funny, but I'm not sure what elm would smell like...

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