Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 192 #MakeArt365

Reciting the Alphabet, pencil, 2015
"In one of my favorite Hasidic tales, it is the night of the Passover. A peasant is rushing to finish his work in the field so he can attend to the holy service. But alas, the sun drops and it is darkness when no travel is permitted. Next day the rabbi spots him and asks where he's been " Oh Rabbi, it was terrible-I was stuck in my fields after dark and had to spend the night there." "Well," says the rabbi, "I suppose you at least recited your prayers" "That's the worst of it, rabbi I couldn't remember a single prayer." "Then how did you spend the holy evening?" asks the rabbi. And the peasant answers, "I could only recite the alphabet and pray that God would rearrange the letters."
-Robert Ellsberg, The Catholic Worker, 1979

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