Monday, November 4, 2013


Once more he felt a boy again;
As though beneath the harvest wain
He was asleep, by that old stream,
And all these things were but a dream—
The King, the squire, the hurrying ride
Unto the lonely quagmire side;
The sudden pain, the deadly swoon,
The feverish life from noon to noon;
The tending of the kind old man,
The black and white Dominican,
The hour before the abbot's throne,
The poring o’er old books alone,
In summer morn; the King again,
The envious greetings of strange men,
This mighty horse and rich array,
This journey on an unknown way.
   Surely he thought to wake from it,
And once more by the waggon sit,
Blinking upon the sunny mill.
   But not for either good or ill
Shall he see one of all those days;

William Morris The Earthly Paradise 

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