Saturday, November 9, 2013

CLXVII: On the Condition

For when we are interested in the beauty of a thing, the oftener we can see it the better; but when we are interested only by the story of a thing, we get tired of hearing the same tale told over and over again, and stopping always at the same point — we want a new story presently, a newer and better one — and the picture of the day, and novel of the day, become as ephemeral as the coiffure or the bonnet of the day. Now this spirit is wholly adverse to the existence of any lovely art. If you mean to throw it aside to-morrow, you can never have it to-day.
John Ruskin, On the Condition of Modern Art

I've never seen the pond at Teaneck Creek dry before...

Blogger seems to have decided to clumsily equalize the levels on this...

Forgive us.

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