Sunday, August 25, 2013

XCI Just

Last of the Just is an incredible devastating book, but I'm not sure exactly why the early passage introducing the legend of the Just Men always fascinate me. I've read the book only once, I've gone back to the passage this is part of a dozen times, often with some vague intention to somehow capture it in art. That would be an appropriate project for a piece of the tree, a statue of a Just Man...

 "When an unknown Just rises to Heaven"  a Hasidic story goes, "he is so frozen that God must warm him for a thousand years between His fingers before his soul can open itself to Paradise. And it is know that some remain forever inconsolable at human woe, so that God Himself cannot warm them. So from time to time the creator, blessed be His Name, sets forward the clock of the Last Judgment by one minute." 
Andre Schwartz Bart, The Last of the Just

And a bit more milling (on my Sandy downed childhood friend). I believe I did something to my shoulder.

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