Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LXXIX onwards

Some people (my wife and mother included) are kind of tired of tree stump pictures. I'm not sure I'm ready to give up on the project yet, but there is at least some good news in tree stump land.  Today I was able to visit the county facility where the majority of the wood from the tree is being kept, and be part of the discussion about what projects the wood may be used for. Suggestions, particularly for possible venues to actually put a larger piece (say a large slab table) are welcome, there is a lot of wood, and it would be a shame if  the largest most distinctive parts of the trunk weren't used in some unique way. But at least some interesting projects are definitely going to happen. No details now, but  some pictures of the wood. Like the day it was cut, it was raining, so a bit of fogging in the pictures.

In a very rough and hurried count, I got up to 134 at the base before hitting the central hollow. I'd imagine there's 50-70 missing, but suppose we'll never know for sure.


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