Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 365 #MakeArt365

Transition State (I Saw a Bird), Mixed Media, 2015
Need to end the year with an ent of course, and a balance of hope and loss. I thank everyone who’s followed and supported these drawings, and me, over the course of this year. More of you than I could list have had a part in inspiring them. Many have done more than they know. I’m thinking a lot about both how I’ll keep at drawing without this rather rigorous discipline to steer me, and what I’ll do with this body of varied, and somewhat fraught work.  I guess we’ll all find out. Best wish for peace and kindness in the year ahead.

“We drew our arms around the bastard sons
We never would drink to the chosen ones
Well you know the way I went was not the way I planned
But I thought the world needed love and a steady hand
So I'm steady now”

-Dar Williams, If I Wrote You

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