Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 144 #MakeArt365

Good Omens, pencil, 2015

One of those funny incidents that keeps me doing street shows in spite of the enormous fuss and the fact that you never really make enough money to justify it. I had this small nail studded heart I'd done as part of something that never worked sitting in my office and then my studio for years. Being in a cleaning mode, I got it into my head Friday that I was going to bring it to the show and give it to the first person who asked how much it was. That turned out to a be a maybe 11 year old girl with her mom who had asked me a long series of excited and quite articulate questions and talked about her own drawings of tree people. She was so bloody excited when I gave it to her, it never actually occurred to me that the taker would be excited. But what got me was while leaving she seemed to think the occasion called for a grander gesture, turned around and with a solemn expression gave me a Vulcan salute, and told me to 'live long and prosper'...

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