Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day I, #MakeArt365

Wood Wife, mixed media, 2015 

I took up fellow artist Imo Nse Imeh’s challenge to join him in #MakeArt365 an effort to refocus artistically by resolving to create work every day. Personally, I've taken this on as a challenge to make and post a complete work, most likely a doodle or sketch every day.  I’m glad of a reason to refocus a little bit of my energy on drawing, neglected of late, and hoping to regain some of the focus of my late tree stump project. I’m not going to stick to a consistent theme, but the phrase ‘men as trees walking’ has been on my mind. On one obvious level confusion of trees and people has been a long standing theme in my work. Given my interest in visual cognition the line always caught my attention because it seems to be making a distinction both cognitive and spiritual between sight and vision.  The pursuit of vision, and the trial of seeing, but being incapable of understanding what is before you has weighed on me of late.  In any case I’m starting with a fairly elaborate sketch, percolating for a while, but executed today.

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