Sunday, January 26, 2014

Unwisely Roughing in the Snow

I have to say there is nothing like roughing a carving in the snow with a chainsaw that is about two feet too long for the purpose to remind you that you are made of meat, and not particularly robust meat at that.

No blood.

I promised my brother I wouldn't tip carve with his 36 inch Stihl (he was worried I would get blood on his saw). I may have bent that promise a bit, but I have to say awkward as the thing is, its nice to work with something that actually cuts compared to my under-powered electric Craftsman.

Sorry, I didn't mean it.

I was working on an ongoing project that now has a bit more urgency behind it since I have a prospective venue. It's related to the piece Transformation Mask, which was my first major sculptural project when I took up woodcarving back in 2004. This is similar, but more ambitious, a full helmet style wearable mask.

All the components at least roughed.

Noi eravamo quello che voi siete, e quello che noi siamo voi sarete.

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