Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wolf, Not Done, but Mounted

In a short day today, got to mount the wolf carving permanently in the ground at Teaneck Creek (well permanently till some kid knocks it over). Though I neglected to take a picture there is a green oak 4x4 lag bolted into a notch in the back, and mounted in the ground, hopefully protecting the poplar a bit from  moisture. I'll note that I'm not a tooling person, but a post hole digger is one of those little miracles that makes an apparently impossible task easy.

A quick glance at another piece of the same tree, makes it clear why I have worries about the pieces longevity. But I put another coat of sealer on it, and we shall see.

The less than virgin forest aspect of the creek park was highlighted by the fact that digging this 4x4 hole I hit two plastic children's toys, and a piece of pottery. I suspect that is more recent fill contamination, rather than the 40's-50's household waste that underlies other parts of the park... On that front prowling the eroding bank as I tend to when the greenery is low, I finally succeeded in my long term efforts to find a blue medicine bottle, something I have a childish obsession about.  Bromo-Seltzer good for what ails you.


  1. Love the wolf! Would like to see a closer pic. Very cool bottle too.

    1. I'll post some detail pics when I get the carving done, hopefully soon.