Saturday, April 7, 2012

Housing Mary, We Are Vertical for Easter

So it feels like forever that I've been playing around with these branches that came down in last October's freak snowstorm, trying to build a shelter to go over the now complete statue of Mary at St Anastasia's in Teaneck. I think every single joint has come apart and been put together at least two, typically four or so times. It started out a good 10 inches wider and was narrowed in stages. The pitch of the roof changed several times as well. Finally today however, I got an unusual sold afternoon's work in and it is upright, and looking promising... It needs some cross braces, and some stakes to hold it anchored or it will go over in the first wind. Hopefully with just one more day I can finish it off. You can see I have applied a test row of my none too professionally split shingles, which will hopefully not provide enough lift for it to take off before next week when I'll get to add the anchors. 

While working I got the added entertainment of a visit from a wild turkey, which wandered through the church parking lot. Not insanely rare, but uncommon for Teaneck.

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